Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cafepress Shop - Short Bus Merchandise

Short Bus Merchandise

Too many people come off the “Short Bus”. We all know who these people are. Everyone at some point had experience this illness. The only answer is to make a purchase, so together we can find a cure. Help make this possible.

Clothes, hats, buttons, men's wear, women's wear, stickers, bumper stickers, t-shirts, teddy bear, tote bags, apparel, yard sign, clocks, calendar, apron, banners, kids wear, underwear, caps and more.

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Christmas Cafepress Style

August 2008, I discovered Then the addiction began! I opened my first shop. I had debated on if I should go with the paid or free shop. Now I am glad that I have chosen the free shops. The slang, "Build it and they will come" does not work for me. Despite that, I haven't given up. I keep building more shops as I do lenses. I have an addiction that has taken over my life.


Cafepress has been successful for many people. I would encourage anyone who to opened a shop & give it a try.

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I am late at opening up Christmas shops, but maybe there is some hope that my shops will have something that you would like to buy.

The great thing about shopping online is that you never have to leave your home and fight the crowds. Compared to other online shops, is not over priced for the shipping.

If you have already bought your Christmas t-shirts, mugs, calendars, greeting cards or other is never too early to think about next year!

Here is a list of the new Christmas shops that I have just opened up.

Short Bus Merchandise
Real Christmas Tree
Santa Bus

Our Pet Merchandise
Holiday Dog
Holiday Dog 1
Hoilday Dog 2

My other shops

If you do find something that you like, but would like a different variation or adjustment, then please let me know. I will make that adjustment for you. I would like you to be happy with your purchases.

If you have any questions, please email me at or just click on the contact me option on Squidoo.

Come on Pose for the Picture! I said SIT!

What are the holidays without a nice picture of your pet. After all...they are family.

I wanted to take a nice picture of my dog Buddy. I had him in a nice sitting pose. But to my dismay, the batteries in the camera were dead. So, I told Buddy to stay and frantically searched the house for batteries.

For 20 minutes...Buddy did not budge. He was a very patient model.

When I finally had fresh batteries in the camera and really for that nice picture...Buddy decided that he had waited long enough.

I told him to sit. He decided that it was play time and went for his toy. Then he did sit in the opposite direction that I wanted him to do.

Once I finally got him back into the right pose, Buddy decided to lay down and roll over.

How well behaved are your pets on picture taking day?

The Modern Christimas Tree

This is what the modern Christmas tree looks like today. They come in all different sizes to suit the house or apartment. The Christmas tree can be fir, pine or spruce. And even an artificial one.Christmas Divider For Myspace

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