Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Amazing Lighted Christmas Glass Blocks

You will absolutely love this because inside this informative Ebook you'll be making beautiful glass blocks that at you can show off to your friends. Use them as not Christmas additions to the wrapping. And even start selling these unique beauties.

Check out the special bargain price, just in time for the Christmas holiday.


You will instantly receive power-packed pages of information, illustrations, and tips in this "How To Make Decorated Glass Blocks" ebook.

This ebook has step-by-step directions on how to create this amazing Money Maker creation. So you can get started right away! All this for a low price of $24.95. Hurry it goes up to the original price of $34.95.

* Learn how to get top dollar for your Decorated Christmas Glass Block!

* Learn the best places to set up your displays for instant sales!

* Learn the best places to get the light strands that go inside the Glass Blocks.

* Learn what kind of Christmas lights to use.

* Learn what color of Christmas lights sell the best.

* Learn the best and quickest way to drill the Glass Blocks!

* Learn which drill bit is best to use!

* Learn what size to drill the hole to fit the Christmas light strand.

* Learn what to do about the pesky glass dust that forms inside of your Glass Block!

* Learn how to cleverly save on supplies for your Decorated Glass Block!

* Learn which Decorated Glass Blocks sell better than the others!

* Learn what to charge for your decorated Glass Block!

* Learn the most effective method for making beautifully aligned bows!
(complete bow tutorial included with pictures!)

* Learn what type of ribbon to use!

* Learn what type of ribbon will sell the best!

* Learn what adornments to put on your block to make it sell instantly!

* Learn how to turn this into a full-time business!

More more information Click Here!

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