Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cash in on Christmas!

"How about MAKING money, instead of spending it this Christmas?" Cash in on Christmas!

Throughout the world, there are many different signs of the holiday season. No matter what city you are in, there are usually two clearly identifiable signals that December has arrived.

The first indication of the approaching celebrations is the beautifully hung decorations that are magnificently streamed throughout populated areas in most cities. Everywhere, from city halls to public parks, municipal governments spend hundreds of thousands of dollars sprucing up their city in preparation for the wonderful season of snow.

The second hint that Christmas is soon approaching is the long lines of people waving money in places of commerce. Holiday shopping is a common phenomenon the world over and the need to spend drives most economies in the cold winter months.
These two signs of December are usually looked upon as separate entities, coexisting without really having anything really to do with each other. Two standards that rise and fall as punctually as the sun does.

The tie that binds them together though, might be the perfect solution if you are looking to make a little money this holiday season. Let me explain...

A couple of years ago, the Author Riel Roussopoulos, of this ebook, "Cash in on Christmas", was approaching Christmas with a certain amount of dread. He work most of the year as a landscaper and winter was his lean time. Not too many people want their lawns maintained and their flower beds treated when it's too cold to appreciate them.

Riel hadn't had much work, and as soon as saw the holiday lights start to go up all over town. He was overwhelmed with instant fear.

He knew that he was expected to buy gifts for friends and family, but also knew that his bank account wouldn't allow him to purchase much of anything at all. Riel was as broke as a busted engine.

He racked his brain for ways to make the money he needed to survive the season. But all the ideas Riel had were either stupid or were too difficult to implement in the short term.

Riel didn't know what to do, so he did the only thing he could think of. He continued going about his life normally. He had no other choice but hoped that something would come his way.

In Riel words, "I Was Living In Fear Of Christmas. Every time I walked through my neighborhood and saw the Christmas lights being hung, I felt a lump in the back of my throat. I had my own lights to put up, but the thought of stringing these same lights around my own house made me almost want to vomit. For the first (and I think only) time in my life, I was living in fear of Christmas. I didn't know how I was going to afford the holiday and the Christmas lights were an overly bright symbol of my failure."

Riel usually took a great deal of pride in putting up his lights and generally found the entire process very relaxing. After all he was good with my hands and enjoyed working outside, but that year, he was not excited about the prospect.

He knew that he couldn't avoid putting my lights up forever, Riel decided to ask his friends to help. So his friends came over and we started laying out lights. He never realized before how elaborate his lighting scheme was and as they were putting up the strings, his friend kept mentioning how cool his designs were. He was glad he invited them over.

As the day progressed and the lighting design was taking shape, a crowd started to build. People were 'oohing' and 'aahing' when they tested the lights When the entire project was finished, people actually applauded.

Strangers were amazed at the masterpiece they had created. Once it was completed he walked over to the crowd to find out why they were so obsessed with his house.
Each person he spoke to relayed a similar story about how boring the lights were in the city and how the lights on his house seemed interesting by comparison.

Almost instinctively Riel said that his designs weren't anything spectacular.

It was then that his greatest idea hit him and he realized that heI had finally found a realistic way to make some great holiday money.

He started telling everyone in the crowd that he ran a Christmas light installation business and if they wanted their house or business to shine like his did, that he would be happy to give them an estimate.

His reputation was building and so was his bank account. You can find his website on http://weputuplights.com

With every job he did, Riel was gaining more experience and more clients. At this point, he often wished that he had a guide to teach him what to learn. Riel had no choice but to rely on what he thought was the best way to put up the trickiest of Christmas lights.

Despite his best efforts, Riel made so many mistakes that second year that he almost ran myself out of business. But he kept learning and I got enough jobs to allow him to continue learning. Click Here!

By the third year, he had a much better idea of what he was doing. That is when he came up with an ebook complete with entrepreneurial spirit. you can learn the same smart business decisions that he made, without the mistakes or trial and error. Once you buy this ebook, you'll be able to run your very own Christmas light installation business. Be your own boss and fill your bank account with money.

Make Money And Feel Good Doing It!

If you are a service person and are looking for ways to supplement your income in the slow winter months, this might be the opportunity you've been searching for.
With the proper training you can easily learn how to design and construct beautiful Christmas lighting schemes.

Find out more on this unique business. Your purchase is 100% guaranteed. Act now you really have nothing to loose. Cash in on Christmas!

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