Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It was a good time in life, still newlyweds, both doing little things for each other. We were carefree, with no children, no huge debts or aches and pains. We were invincible. Our looks were important to us, we were in shape and being healthy was cool.

My husband and I lived in a small apartment in California, far away from any of our families. I left my family from the beautiful state of Washington and his from Wisconsin. He was in the service and stationed at Camp Pendleton.

It was our first Christmas together, just the two of us. We had set up a space in our little apartment for the Christmas tree. Now was the time to search out for that perfect tree.

We lived in a small retirement town. Everything seemed more expensive. Even for back then, in the good old days. We were on a budget, which made it harder to find that perfect tree.

We went from one tree lot to the next. The more we looked, the more disappointed we became.

After searching for what seemed like hours and the last tree lot in town. A young man working on the lot came over to us. He said that he was secretly pocketing some money on the side. He offered us a nice looking tree that had a $25 tag on it for $1. It wasn’t until we moved the tree to our car, that we noticed it was very sparse in the back.

Once in the apartment, we placed it in the corner. It was our Charlie Brown Christmas tree. After we had decorated it, you would have never known that it was branch less in the back. It was perfect! Just like in "A Charlie Brown Christmas." It turned out to be one of our best Christmas trees ever.

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